Skeleton Song Online song.
Knock, Knock, Knock Choose a costume and listen to a online song.
Kwala’s Halloween Kitchen Complete a 25 piece puzzle, and then color it.
Sixty-six Super Stickers Click on the right white shape to stick me.
Halloween with Boowa and Kwala Online animation.
Match the Scarey Pairs Find which images go together.
Halloween Click pictures to change colors.
Pick a Pumpkin Decorate a pumpkin.
Skeleton Together Drag bones to correct place.
Bat Dot to Dot Connect the alphabet dots in the spooky orange sky.
Halloween Costumes for Edgar and Andrew Online story where you pick and drag costumes to Edgar and Andrew.
Carve a Pumpkin Click and drag the shapes onto the pumpkin to decorate faces.
Pumpkin Sort Sort pumpkins by size, color or looks on faces.
Lil’ Fingers Pumpkins Storybook Online story.
Meddybemps Ghost Walk Variety of online games.
Three Pumpkin PiratesOnline story.
Pumpkin, Pumpkin Online story.
Monster Hunter's Site Click on the buttons to create your own monster.
Vampire Jigsaw Puzzle Online puzzle.
Alfy's Halloween Tale Online movie.
Bat, Bat Rebus rhyme.
Make a Pumpkin Face Choose features to make a pumpkin face.
Horrible Screaming Monsters Online story for kids.
Pumpkin Patch Match Online matching game.
Put Annie Bock Together Put skeleton together.
Monster Numbers Help the ghouls learn their number.
Haunted AlphabetRecognize letters.
Echo the Bat Online story.
Bat Sounds Listen to a variety of bats online.
Nick Jr. Dora's Spooky Forest Go through Dora's Spooky Forest.
Nick Jr. Trick or Treat with the Backyardigans Get ready for a trick or treat adventure.
Nick Jr. Blue's Clues Ghost Hunt Play hide and seek with Blue.
Nick Jr. Brobee's Dancey Dance Moves Help Brobee dance.
BBC Character Maker Choose a charcter.
BBC Balamory Misfits Mix and match heads, bodies, and feet.
BBC Bat Fizz Collect bugs to reveal stars.
BBC The Something Special Painting Game Paint a story and choose one of four stories to base your drawings on.
Spider Memory GameOnline matching game.
BBC Talking Stories Choose a character and a voice to tell your story.
Up to Ten Kwala's Scare-o-Meter Click on Kwala.
Up to Ten Costumes and GlassesMatch glasses to costumes.


Turkey Tic Tac Toe Play the computer tic tac toe.
Over the River Maze Help the kids go through the maze to get to grandma’s house.
Pin the Beard on the Turkey Use the mouse to drag the turkey’s beard and let it go where you think Tom might be.
Silly Turkey Dress the turkey silly and watch him dance.
Turkey Drop Game Move the mouse to catch the cooked turkeys.
Turkey Jigsaw Puzzle Put pieces together to make a picture.
Turkey Slide Puzzle Unscramble the pieces to make a Thanksgiving picture.
Lil-Fingers Storybooks and Games Book and games.
Voyage on the Mayflower (ship and crew) Explore the Mayflower’s nooks and crannies, and learn what daily life at sea was like.
Peter Rabbit's ThanksgivingOnline story.
Thanksgiving coloring pageOnline coloring page.
Fall Fever Collect the healthy food.
Turkey in the Straw Online turkey in the straw song.
Spot the Differences Click on the differences.
Turkey and Dressing Drag and drop items.
Thanksgiving Dinner Bounce Catch the food with the tray.

Christmas & Trains

Can You Find the Real Santa? Shadow game.
Boowa and Kwala's Christmas Stockings Help Santa's elves fill the stockings.
Christmas Tree Song Online song.
Eric the Engine and the Railway Rock Online story.
Decorate the Christmas Tree Decorate Boowa and Kwala’s Christmas tree.
Make Your Own Gift Paper Choose the color, pattern, and funny shapes.
We Wish You a Merry Christmas Online song.
Grab a Present Use the drop down grabber crane to pick up gifts.
A Christmas Morning Cartoon Online animation.
Writing to Santa with Boowa and Kwala Online animation.
The Mistle Toe-A-Phone Invent your own song.
The Gingerbread Boy Maze Help him catch the orange- but don’t get him lost.
Santa Has Lost His Sled Help Santa through the maze. Be quick- he’s late for Christmas!
Color the Star Choose the color for the star on top of the Christmas tree.
Boowa’s Christmas Chimney Guessing Game Where is Boowa?
Christmas Pairs There are 24 pairs to find.
Preparing Xmas Three games, one musical activity, and one animation.
Xmas Three games, one musical activity, and one animation.
Christmas Color Click on picture to change colors.
Boowa and Kwala Write to Santa Click around picture to change colors.
Christmas Lil-Fingers Variety of games and a storybook.
Trim-a-Tree Click and drag the ornaments onto the tree.
Present Matching Game Match the gifts inside the presents.
Holiday Endurance Use the mouse to select and drag the gifts onto the television.
Christmas Matching Game Match all the pictures to win.
Build Gingerbread House Drag stickers to decorate a house.
Adventure ElfUse your arrow keys to run and space bar to jump. You must recover a certain number of gifts each round.
Decorate Christmas Tree/Elfin Tic Tac Toe/ Santa Puzzle Variety of online activities.
Christmas Music- Sing Along Click to hear midi music and lyrics.
Christmas Recipes for Kids A variety of cute recipes.
Gingerbread Baby House Drag and drop the candy decorations onto the house.
Decorate Variety of Christmas Things Decorate trees, villages, or snowmen.
Trim a Tree with Jan Brett Drag and drop to decorate the tree.
Christmas Jukebox Variety of Christmas songs.
Christmas Tree Decorating Click and drag to decorate the tree.
Snow Person Dress Up Click and drag for dressing up.
A Christmas Story- Starring You Create your own story.
Disney Rhythm Railroad Make a variety of music sounds while working on the railroad.
Gingerbread Man Decorate a gingerbread man and watch him run.
The Gingerbread Man Online story.
Dress the Elf Drag clothes and dress the Elf.
Fill Santa's Sleigh Drag items to Santa's sleigh by matching numbers.
The Rain Deer Orchestra Press the reindeer noses to make music.
Click to Build a Snowman Move pieces by clicking and dragging.
Mix and Match Snowman Game Match them up and them mix them to make silly snowmen.
Winter Prepared Snowman Click on the items surrounding the snowman and drag them into place.
Decorate Snowmen See how many different kinds of snowmen you can make!
Jerry's Haven n Build A Snowman Use your mouse to drag decorations onto the snowman.
Dress Up Elves Drag and drop to dress.
Decorate a Christmas Tree Click and drag to decorate the tree.
Catch the Gingerbread Man Move your mouse over the Gingerbread Man and he will run.
Deocrate Tree Use your mouse to drag an ornament.
Let's Dress the Snowman Drag the clothing to the snowman.
Decorate a Gingerbread House Click and drag items onto the house.
Fill Santa's PlateDrag the cookies to Santa's plate.
Play Winter Wonderland Click and drag.
Christmas Memory Game Online memory game.
Twelve Days of Christmas Rebus rhyme.
Santa Online Coloring Color a Santa picture online.
Santa Claus Online Coloring Another online Santa picture to color.
Holiday Coloring Color a holiday picture.
And the Caboose Said... Online story.
BBC Engine Check Up Match broken parts.
BBC Track the Train Pick up Mille and Mr. Rails to get to the right destination.
Train Driver Pick a passenger train or a cargo train.
BBC Santa's Little Helper Collect as many presents as you can.
Disney Choo-Choo Express Game Help finish the trip by making patterns.
Nick Jr. Diego's Railroad Rescue Hellp put animals on the train.
Nick Jr. Blue's Gold Clues Challenge Help find Sprinkle's clues on a train.
Nick Jr. Dora's Christmas Collect presents by helping Dora.
BBC Christmas Tree Click on the tree to decorate it.
BBC Color the Chuggers Online painting of trains.
Up to Ten Fill Stockings Help Santa's elves.

Ground Hog's Day

Shadow Matching Help find out who is making shadows.
Groundhog’s Day Online story.
Groundhog Tic Tac Toe Online tic tac toe game.
Up to Ten Shapes and Shadows Click on the correct shadow.

Valentine's Day & Post Office

Valentine Tic Tac Toe Play tic tac toe with Pinky.
For My Valentine Maze Go through the maze to help tiger mail his Valentine.
Lil Finger’s Games Online story and activities.
Make a Valentine with a Connecting Word Online story/activity.
Paint a Postal Stamp Paint a stamp online.
The Musical Kisser Push lips to hear them say “kiss you".
Heart Maze Help Kwala collect all 10 hearts.
St. Valentine Variety of Valentine activities.
BBC Kwala Brother’s Game Pick Up a Parcel Move the mouse left or right to catch the packages.
BBC Postman Pat and Friends Help Postman Pat deliver mail.
Disney Outback Airmail Game The Koala Brothers help George deliver the mail.
Valentine Match Match all the pictures to win.
Valentine Elephant Online color page.
Bear and Bunny Holding Hearts Online color page.
Bird Carrying Heart Online color page.
Valentine Concentration Game Online concentration game.
Mix and Match Valentine Dress Up Click the buttons on the left side.
Valentine Tic Tac Toe Online tic tac toe game.
Valentine Hearts Catch hearts in the sack.
BBC Pick Up a Parcel Try to catch boxes.
Nick Jr Dora's CandyLand Game Play CandyLand with Dora.
Up to Ten I Love You You Love Me Online song.
Up to Ten Half Hearts Put the correct half hearts together.
Up to Ten Cuddle Song Online song.
Up to Ten Best Friends Online song.

St. Patrick's Day

Kwala’s Confetti Game Make confetti with Kwala’s help... then shower her with it.
Find a Four Leaf Clover Online story and activity.
Leprechaun Hunt Click on the picture to find the hidden Leprechaun.
Lucky’s Tic Tac Toe You and Lucky play tic-tac-toe against Dot.
Over the Rainbow Use the arrow keys to move through the maze to get to the end.
St. Patty’s Pot O’Gold Money Game Pick from addition, subtraction, greater or less than, or a variety of money math problems.
Animated jigsaw puzzle Online animated puzzle.
St. Patrick’s Drag and Drop Puzzle Online drag and drop puzzle.
St. Patrick’s Day Games When the Leprechaun pops out of the ground, click on him to try to catch him.
Pot-o-Gold Online shape game.
Leprecaun Fun! Dress the Leprechaun.
Leprechaun and Rainbow Color page Online painting.
Match a Shamrock Matching Game Online matching game.
Shamrock Streamer Try to get to the end of the rainbow.


Mr. Bunny's Carrot Soup Online story.
Decorate a Virtual Egg Choose the cup, pattern, and colors.
The Easter Bunny Hides an Egg Online animation.
The Easter Windmill Boowa has left a trail of eggs in the windmill for Kwala to collect.
The Chocolate Egg Factory Make a virtual chocolate egg.
The Easter Egg Hunt Can you guess where the Easter Bunny hid the egg?
Easter Variety of Easter activities.
Easter Egg Decorating Decorate an egg, then toss, smash, explode, fry, hop or hatch it.
Easter Egg Dress Up Click and drag to decorate the egg.
Easter Egg Match Game Match all the pictures to win.
Egg Hunt Click on the pictures to find the five hidden eggs.
Eggbert’s Tic Tac Toe You and Eggbert play tic tac toe against Dot.
Egg Decorating Drap and Drop Decorations Three activities: drag and drop decorations, paint an egg, and write on an egg.
Egg Layers Which of these animals lays eggs?
Egg Magic Help paint eggs using magic.
Egg Hunt Find the eggs and put them in the basket.
Edgar’s Easter Eggs Online story.
Henry’s Egg Factory Help Henry by telling him which colors he needs to mix to paint his eggs.
Easter Egg Catch Game Use the arrows to move the bunny under the falling eggs.
Lil’Fingers Easter Online story and activities.
Egg Painting Select a color with the color button, and then pull the lever to start the machine.
Peter Rabbit Activities Fun with Shapes Match the characters to the outlines.
Peter Rabbit Activities The Vegetable Game How many vegetables can you eat without being caught by Mr. McGregor?
The Book of Pooh Rabbit’s Garden Help Rabbit catch carrots.
Crayola Spring Decor"Egg"er Select sections of the egg using the arrow, pick patterns from the window at the right.
Easter Drag and Drop Puzzle Online puzzle.
Easter Fun Hatch an egg to see if you can pair it with it’s match.
Easter Painting Paint online.
Mix and Match Easter Game Dress a silly character.
Tale of Peter Rabbit Online story.
Billy Bear Tic Tac Toe Play tic tac toe against the purple bunny.
Star In Your Own Easter Story Fill in the blanks and click the button to see a story starring you.
Black Dog Easter Color Book Online Easter color book.
BBC Eeny Meeny Miny Mo Online rabbit story.
The Carrot Patch Collect carrots to make a carrot pie.
Jelly Bean Match Online matching game.
Little Bunny Foo Foo Rebus rhyme.
Rabbit Coloring Page Online coloring.
Easter Online Coloring Online coloring.
Another Online Coloring Page Online coloring.
Still Another Online Easter Coloring Page Online coloring.
Easter Online Coloring Page Online coloring.
Click-a-Pic Online painting of a chick and eggs.
Click-a-Pic Online painting of a rabbit and eggs.
Nick Jr. Max and Ruby Dress Up Help Max or Ruby dress up.
BBC Moon and the Rabbit Read how the moon's reflection scared the elephants.
Up to Ten Chocolate Online song.
Up to Ten Rabbits Give the carrot to the real rabbit.